Francis Xavier Cardinal Van Thuan Home, in Jimma, Ethiopia

The Missionary Movement “Jesus in thy neighbour” is celebrating the Silver Jubilee since its foundation in 1987. To commemorate this date, the missionary council decided to build the this unique home for the disabled children in the Prefecture of Jimma, Ethiopia. This project will be named after Francis Xavier Cardinal Van Thuan.

The need for this home are urgent as there are many children suffering from different types of disabilities.The vision for this home is to give these

disabled children under 15 years, a special school aiming for good quality education and help them acquire knowledge and special skills. Also to develop their potentials and talents to lead them for an independent living.

The plan is ready, the funds are coming, prayers are being done, people are ready to love and accept those who God sent to this home.

With God all is possible, and this dream, will become true!

The Missionary Movement “Jesus in thy Neighbour” being Christians strongly belief that every human being from the very inception has a right to live, even if weak and not in good health. Whatever the state of health, the birth of a human being should always be considered as a wonderful gift from God.

We believe that handicapped people whatever the level of their physical disability should have the same rights that other normal people have, not less the right for life. We go even further and

state that disabled persons have to be loved and cared for to make them feel accepted. Mons. George Grima, founder of the Missionary Movement Jesus in thy Neighbour used to say:, “The disabled are not disgraced individuals but “Angels of God”, “Precious Diamonds”, and “Great Treasures”. With this thinking, Fr. Grima strongly believed that our brothers and sisters with any form of disability deserved to be showered with love, kindness and care. Be a part of this team of love by giving your part.